A funny thing happened at the Australian Open

22 Jan

On the way back from Hisense Arena following his last match, the flamboyant Frenchman, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga had a little trouble finding his access pass. Not on his bag, not around his neck, not anywhere to be found. Poor Jo-Wi had to empty the contents of his bag onto the floor in the corridor looking  for his pass while security patiently waited for it to appear.

A diligent AO staffer saw the plight of Tsonga and quickly got another pass printed from nearby accreditation, but not before Jo-Wilfried was handed a baby for a photo by an opportunistic Mum and Dad who were passing by. Quite a sight – the ATP world number 6 sitting cross legged on the floor, the contents of his tennis bag strewn all over the place, security profusely apologising but standing firm….and JoWi chuckling and cooing a baby in a jump suit.

Tsonga took it all in his stride and was heard to laugh and say – the guy was just doing his job – and what a lucky baby should Jo go all the way through the tournament, that will be a photo to keep!

The Pro.

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