5 hours and 53 minutes later….it’s no shirt Novak.

30 Jan

Novak Djokovic - Get me out of this shirt.

In a day of extreme heat, extreme anticipation, extreme crowds and extreme hitting, world #1 Novak Djokovic finally reigned supreme in his title defence for the Australian Open mens singles title with a gruelling 5 set victory over world #2 Raphael Nadal.

It may have taken a touch shy of 6 hours, but this was certainly no dull affair. Raphael Nadal and Novak Djokovic stood toe to toe like two gladiators from days of old, and traded blow after blow looking for the knockout punch. The simple fact is these guys are so fit and so well prepared that it was a battle to the end – literally the last man standing. Although on that count Rafa was the last on his feet as Novak celebrated on his back on the baseline of Rod Laver Arena.

This match will go down as part of Aussie Open folklore, the night the moths and seagulls looked like upstaging the players and taking off themselves with the Sir Norman Brookes trophy. At one point tournament officials could be seen hovering over the “roof closed” button as thunder clouds rolled in over the Melbourne skyline. Should they have closed the roof they still may have had a “rain” delay due to the puddles of sweat tumbling freely from Rafa’s nose.

If you get the chance, do yourself a favour and watch this match – at least the last 2 sets, and if that is not possible, then get yourself a QANTAS flight and a ticket for AO 2013 – I’ve got a feeling we are in for a rivalry of the ages.

The PRO.

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