The Grand Slam?

30 Jan

We’ve had Rocket Rod Laver in the building for the past week – and it got The PRO thinking – are we ever going to see another player dominant the ATP tour to the extent of winning all 4 majors in the one calendar year.

Many have tried, one man has come close – very close in recent times – Roger Federer. The Fed express in 2004, 2006 and 2007 won 3 of the 4 only missing out on the French Open each year. In two of those years he was runner up in the French – you cannot get any closer than that. His last “big” year was 2009 – where he won the Wimbledon and US Open titles and was runner up in the French and the Australian Open.

Raphael Nadal also had a dominant year in 2010 winning 3 of the 4. He fell however at the first hurdle by going out in the 1/4 finals at the Australian Open. Close but no cigar.

One thing about the Australian Open  – it always eliminates ALL but one player from making the Grand Slam a reality. So that leaves Novak Djokovic. His 2011 was stellar, posting victories at 3 of the 4 majors – missing the French Open along the way. So again in 2012 it is Novak Djokovic as the only tour player with the Grand Slam dream alive. Can he go one further than he did in 2011?

The PRO.


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