Coaching – a way of life.

1 Feb

Locker M5

There’s something about tennis coaching that has a really satisfying edge to it. Perhaps its seeing players take on board advice and strategies to assist them in their development, perhaps it is watching them conquer their fears, to make a technical breakthrough, to gain some form of independence and trust in their game, their choices, or simply push to reach a seemingly out of reach goal.

As a coach and leader of coaches, my message has always been straightforward, reputations count for nothing  – “you are only as good as your last lesson”. I have always tried to challenge my coaching team and players to strive for breakthroughs, to be aware of benchmarks and to break through them.

For those of us who are career coaches and strive for success with their message  it truly is a rewarding profession. My greatest breakthrough with any player, and parent for that matter is that moment when YOU realise they can stand alone, capable of making – and more importantly acting on their decisions. And whether they make it on the tour, at college, in premier league, or even the social courts with a continued love of the game; you know – as a coach – you will have done your best.

The PRO.

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