Serve BIG and eat meat – just like Milos.

17 Feb

Milos Raonic

Milos Raonic from Canada, who had a match in the Australian Open against Lleyton Hewitt where he averaged 217 km/h on his first serve and who this week hit a 250km/h bullet in the ATP event in San Jose this week, was asked “how?”

Here’s some serve tips from one of the most exciting prospects on the tour. 

Speed isn’t everything. Start with rhythm. And focus on target areas.
“Even from a young age I was able to serve pinpoint, play well. I spent a lot of time on it and just never focused on speed, that sort of came I guess with a lot of hours. I just have a good mental outlook on it, I think. I keep the same rhythm for everything. I’m able to hit all the spots from the same toss and I think this is important, to try to give away as little as possible.”

Work out in the gym.
“The speed has gone up gradually. Obviously I’m getting stronger and working more on my fitness and that is helping.”

A good shoulder helps!
“I’ve got a good shoulder, so I’m fortunate. I remember in school I was good at shot-put and all that kind of stuff with the shoulder, and that was without even working on it.”

Learn from the best. This is great stuff – love the comment on tempo and control of a match. Good goal for you all.
“Pete Sampras has always been my idol, because I just liked his style, the control of his serve, how he was able to do the same thing with one toss, hit all the spots. I thought he had a tremendous second serve and he did a very good job controlling the court and controlling the pace. You always had the feeling that the match was in his hands, win or lose. That’s something I’ve been working on and trying to develop as much as I can. I felt as those Sampras inspired those things in my game and development.”

Eat red meat.
“The night before a match, I eat medium-rare steak. Can I get to 260km/h with my serve? I don’t know, maybe. As long as I keep getting the free points I’ll be happy, I don’t care if it’s 165km/h or 265km/h.”

In a study The PRO is currently carrying out with his players – one group using a radar and benchmarking serve speed, and the other not using it…the overwhelming outcome is that using a radar while training definitely helps players attain faster serves sooner.

So there it is – one point for all to remember Raonic didn’t develop that serve overnight. He definitely used all the “P” words: perseverance, patience, positive thinking AND the 3 most important “P” words of all – practice, practice, practice. And maybe you too can serve like Raonic.

*Thanks to the tennis space for their Raonic interview.

The PRO.

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