Novak – its not a slam – but could be 4 in a row..

15 May

Gallery by Ella Ling - Novak Djokovic - Madrid<p></p>

It is no surprise that Novak Djokovic is eyeing off a BIG prize. Afterall he is the only man who can contemplate IT this year. IT has been close but elusive for tennis great Pete Sampras and current GOAT (Greatest of All Time) protagonists – Roger Federer (for the record the Fed Express has won 3 out of 4 on three separate occassions)and Rafael Nadal (in 2010).

IT is, of course the GRAND SLAM. That is all 4 major tennis titles in the one calendar year. And whilst most tennis pundits bandy the term Slam or Grand Slam as interchangeable nouns when they speak of any of the 4 majors (as a point in case look at the above table from Associated Press – it refers to “Grand Slam streaks!!!!), the fact is only two men, Don Budge and the Rockhampton Rocket – Rod Laver, have won a GRAND SLAM.

But for now Nole will be hoping to garner a very rare 4th major in a row – not a Grand Slam – but a remarkable achievement nonetheless. No doubt there will be some catchy phrase coined (a Serbian Slam?). If anyone has the self-belief it is Djokovic. Whilst it is not his favourite surface, he was brought up on clay and I think will mount a very strong challenge.  From the moment the Djoker left Melbourne with the Australian Open trophy in his keeping he has been plotting and planning for this one. And whilst Djokovic says “bring on Roland Garros” -The PRO thinks it will be very hard to go past Rafa….or Roger…

The PRO.


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