Slam or dunk.

24 May

 I mentioned in a previous post that Serbia’s Novak Djokovic is in with a chance to win his 4th major title in a row, not a Grand Slam, but dubbed the “Serbian Slam” by some. The other possibility is that Raphael Nadal could achieve something even more unique.

Rafa has been runner-up to Nole at the past 3 slams which gives him the chance to feature in the record book. Rafa could become the first player to hold all 4 runner-up trophies concurrently. And what do our friends in the press dub this one – perhaps the Anti-slam, or even the Nada Slam (nada is Spanish meaning nothing).

And whilst Djokovic is seeking some tennis immortality – he is chasing his first French Open title –  at the other end of the draw Rafa is a 6 time champion at Roland Garros.

Novak has stated during his post match press conference following his loss to Rafa in the Rome Masters final that he “feels good and will make a few adjustments before Paris and I will be in top form”. He will need to be. Rafa for French Open number 7 for mine – and that way we get nada. (No Serbian Slam for Djokovic, and no Nada Slam for Nadal)




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