Life begins at 30.

7 Jun

Battle of the Spaniards

Hard to believe – but I think David Ferrer would agree – he is a better tennis player today – at the age of 30, than he was – say 5 years ago. Even the stats and ranking would concur – Ferrer sat around the ATP top 30 for many years before breaking into the top 10 – and top 5 in the past 12 months. How? Ferrer is the consumate professional, possessing supreme athleticism, a fierce desire to compete – hidden by his locker room manner. If you ever get to meet the quietly spoken David Ferrer, he is thoughtful, courteous, interested.

Ferrer is a true tennis player. Tenacious. No point is over until the ball bounces twice. He competes, harries, hustles and claws his way into matches. I would be proud to have him in my corner.

Will he beat Rafa at Roland Garros? Don’t be silly. Murray is at one level – good as he is, and 6 straight Slam semi finals are testament to his ability – but he will always be vulnerable to some real dog-fighting, but he aint no Rafa – At the French Open, Ferrer will fight, he will not throw in the towel – but he will also go down in straight sets to the King of Clay, Raphael Nadal.


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