Rafa and Maria HAD to win.

13 Jun

PosterIt has been a colourful French Open..

You probably wouldn’t have caused many to doubt your sanity for stating quite confidently that Raphael Nadal and Maria Sharapova would triumph in this years French Open singles titles a few weeks ago. Both went into the event as the form players of their tour. Both had a point to prove, both are either at the top or very close to it in the rankings.

Despite all of this, somewhere along the way it takes a certain amount of confidence, belief, professionally executed recovery plans, a firm foundation of tactical, physical and unwavering mental strength on court. Rafa has all of this in spades. But even he must have been facing some demons. Lose this final and he was 0-4 against Novak Djokovic in Slam finals – a mental abyss that may have proved too hard to come back from. Rafa HAD to win this final.

Sharapova too, facing Sara Errani for the chance to take a “career Slam” also HAD to win. Lose this match against a player who had not been able to triumph in a match – let alone a title against any top 20 players, and Sharapova could deem her runner-up effort a failure. Both got through. Both proved their resilience. They both possess some very similar characteristics – determination, tenacity and the ability to “will” themselves throughout their careers and matches. They are also blessed with talent. Sharapova won Wimbledon at 17. Rafa was a standout on the mens tour at 16. Can they back it up in the ridiculous 2 week turnaound to grass courts? If anyone can it is these two warriors.

Bring on Wimbledon.


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