The Shark circles – Rafa mauled.

24 Jun

Rafael Nadal

Raphael Nadal. Gazumped by Belgium’s Steve “the Shark” Darcis

Raphael Nadal fell victim to the white hot form of #135 ranked Belgian Steve Darcis. Darcis, who has had a penchant for sharks from a young age, sports a shark tattoo on his shoulder, and even uses the shark moniker on his twitter account, was in a predatory mood. Like most sharks, Darcis showed no sign of fear, winning in straight sets and sealing the victory with a thumping ace. Rafa could only look on as the 29 year old Darcis struck an amazing 52 winners for the match.

In true Rafa style, when persistently asked if his knee was the reason for the loss said quite emphatically, “I don’t gonna talk about my knee this afternoon. Only thing today is congratulate Steve Darcis. He played a fantastic match. I don’t put any excuse when I’m losing a match like I lost today. He deserve not one excuse”. Rafa –  a true champion – all class, even in defeat.

Steve Darcis is one of the nicest guys you could meet in the locker room and his form today serves as a reminder to all. Despite struggling with form on the Challenger Circuit for the past 12 months – in his words – “I was playing really bad, with no motivation”, he kept working, and more importantly kept believing. So to all the sharks out there: work hard, dream big, and circle your prey.


One Response to “The Shark circles – Rafa mauled.”

  1. Liz Montgomery June 28, 2013 at 2:20 am #

    Jamie: excellent stuff; I shall pass your blog-site on to others! keep up the good work, AND, I had no idea you had such an impressive CV. I should get you to take me down the ski slopes before I retire for good. Cheers,
    Liz Mont.

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