US men. Down and out

30 Jun

Andy Roddick US Open 2009 368 crop.jpg

Andy Roddick: the last American man to win a slam.

Spare a thought for the contingent of American men  – all 11 of them – in Wimbledon’s draw. How many left now? None. It’s the first time in 101 years that there has been no American in the men’s 3rd round. There will be lots of soul searching done in the corridors of the USTA, and the shock waves should probably reach out to other tennis nations, especially those who have unashamedly modelled their programs and pathways on the US system. It has been an amazing 39 Slam events since there was a US male winner – and that was now retired Andy Roddick at the 2003 US Open.

John McEnroe put it simply. “In the USA girls are more likely to play tennis. The greatest American athletes play football and basketball. We are lower down on the totem pole”. And McEnroe concludes “We’re certainly not where we want to be”. Check out last month’s blog from The PRO on the resurgence of US women – and the concluding question – where are the US male tennis players? is even more relevant following only 3 days of Wimbledon.


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