Paul Arber. RIP

12 Dec

   Aussie tennis coach Paul Arber’s body was pulled from the Waikato river in Hamilton, New Zealand this morning.

There’s a lot of heavy hearts in the tennis community today. Paul Arber (Arbs) is / was /and always will be a ROCK. Solid, dependable, unmovable, reliable. As a junior he would stubbornly stick to his guns, no matter what Richo or I would try to get him to change.

He had the capacity to always do it “his way” – but to always get the job done. Arbs was determined to succeed, driven, he was a great scrapper on court. Knew how to construct points, knew the value of smart choices. Knew the value of looking after himself.

Paul was a valued member of my coaching team at Australian Open Tennis and such an asset to the Academy and State programs.
I used to enjoy looking over at Paul’s court and without fail he was playing “ammunition” or some other form of points with the kids – despite the briefing at the coaches meeting to stick to the theme… consequently the kids loved him. We all did.

They’ll be playing “ammo” upstairs now.

Rest In Peace Arbs.



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