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No pain. No gain.

8 Oct

Tennis has┬ábecome a performance athlete sport – gone are the days when you could rely on court craft, guile and cunning. The typical tour player is a professional in all regards. And the off-court component of any training schedule is vital to your success.
When Nick Kyrgios and his team decided he was ending his 2014 campaign due to fatigue and to rest a troublesome left arm injury the key point to take from his lay off was that, yes, he is returning to Canberra to rest…And then will take a seven-week break from tournaments to focus on building more strength and fitness to help him make the next step in his career.
So do like JPT player Marcus is doing here at Bentleigh, and Nick Kyrgios is doing in Canberra – make on court gains with off court work. Set goals, measure them. Aspire. Achieve. And do your best every day. The PRO
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