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Roger making a racket

24 Jul

Roger Federer Backhand

Roger Federer and the old racket at Wimbledon.

One man who does not seem to embrace change – why would you when you are perhaps the greatest tennis player of all time – is Roger Federer. Federer has been in constant denial on his slide from the top, and truth be known would still harbour thoughts that he is only a sniff away from getting back to winning Slam titles. That is what all champions hold on to, belief.

Sometimes it takes an unexpected early loss to bring about change. Could it be that Federer’s early Wimbledon exit ushers in the move to a more forgiving larger headed racket that many experts have been calling Roger to trial for a few years now? Roger admits he has never had the inkling nor desire to change anything, let alone his most valuable work tool – his racket. “I was always too deep into the last weekend of tournaments to even try to make a change of racket if I wanted to”, Federer stated a few days ago when asked about the new racket.

So, in a move that indicates a sense of mortality, Federer unveiled a prototype new racket at Hamburg this week. Could this be the sign of a mid-life, mid-size racket crisis? Federer has used a 90 square inch Wilson (very un-forgiving unless you are a Swiss precision ball-striker) his entire career. He is currently trialling a 98 square inch racket that is designed to give him “a little help”. Racket technicians believe the move may even extend Roger’s tennis career, and perhaps this is a sign that he is now willing to adapt and adjust to the challenge of being the hunter and not the hunted.

In Federer’s words when asked about the new racket, “so far, so good”. For Roger that brief phrase could sum up his career.